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Deadlifting is one of the best exercises you can do to develop real world power and performance. With the DEAD-RIGHT™ device you can deadlift and keep the bar as close as physically possible to your body without gouging your shins. I got Staph infection from Jiujitsu because I had an open wound on my shins that I got from deadlifting earlier in the week. I was sidelined from training for a month and my gut flora was wrecked from the round of antibiotics. This was my motivation and AH HA moment for starting down the path of creating DEAD-RIGHT™. I had tried the long socks and would still bleed through them and the thicker style shin savers were a source of extra friction snagging the bar the whole way up. The DEAD-RIGHT™ device  allows me to actually roll the bar up and down my legs with nearly no friction and no more leg shredding, at the same time allowing me to keep the bar as close to my body as physically possible, helping me prevent back injury. It makes me so cognizant of my form and I am finally enjoying deadlifts again. I don't know anyone who wants to chance getting infected at the local gym from someone else's blood on the bar. I don't feel that I can sanitize the bar enough to feel comfortable the last dudes Hepatitis C is gone and is un-contractible. Maybe you want to take that chance but I know I don't.

only FRICTIONLESS deadlift that i used.j

If you are male and are law enforcement or participate in high impact sports please check out our parent company Nutshellz,LLC - we make bullet resistant groin cups for athletes and police.

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