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About Us

Our patent pending DEAD-RIGHT™ device will help you perfect your deadlift form and protect your shins, helping stop the spread of blood borne pathogens. Our product came about after our creator observed countless numbers of lifters over the years getting out of the "pocket" while deadlifting. People couldn't stand the discomfort from the bar scraping and bloodying their shins. If your deadlifting and not keeping the bar as close as possible during your lifts then you are risking serious damage to your spine. DEAD-RIGHT™ is the solution to this problem, and with it you will be able to keep the bar as close to your body as physically possible - the bar will actually roll up your shins. When training deadlifts at a public gym one can never be positive that the last guy or gal cleaned the bar well enough to not pass their COOTIES !!!  Hep C can live for multiple weeks outside of a host. No serious martial artist or MMA practitioner can chance getting a staph infection on the mats because they trained with an open wound on their shins caused by deadlifting!


                                       DEAD-RIGHT™ is the fix!!

If you are male and are law enforcement or participate in high impact sports please check out our parent company Nutshellz,LLC - we make bullet resistant groin cups for athletes and police.

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